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Know Your Guest

Know Your Guest operated by Superhog is one of the leading risk management solutions in the industry, they help property managers like Island Escapes protect our properties.

We are committed to protecting our properties which is why we've partnered with Know Your Guest, the leading holiday rental guest-screening provider.

Risk management in the short-term rental industry involves identifying and evaluating the risk related to each booking, so it can then be proactively managed to optimise the success of each stay. The short-term rental industry is expanding rapidly and as a result, the rise of fraudulent bookings, bad guests and even fraudulent hosts has increased.

Know Your Guest was created to establish professionalism in the industry while building trust between guests and owners, minimising risks for all.

Please note that 4 weeks before your booking begins with Island Escapes, you will need to verify your details through Know Your Guest.

You will also be given the choice between paying a £500 refundable deposit or buying a £35 non-refundable damage waiver. We suggest you buy the damage waiver as this protects you in case you cause accidental damage during a booking.

I am a responsible person, why do I have to do this?

It is a fact of life that accidents happen. Whether that be a minor issue such as a broken wine glass, your child smashes the TV or maybe your dog chews up the rug! Know Your Guest is designed to provide our guests and our homeowners with peace of mind, should the worst happen. Much like an insurance policy it provides cover for accidental damage, preventing awkward conversations and a spoilt holiday. If something accidental was to happen once you have paid the damage waiver just let us know and we'll take care of it with no come back on yourself. We recommend this option as the refundable deposit would be used to cover damages should that option be selected, leaving you out of pocket.

Why do Island Escapes use a third party company?

Know Your Guest operated by Superhog is one of the leading risk management solutions in the industry, they help property managers like Island Escapes protect our properties from unknown guests, out-of-control parties, criminal damage and illicit activities by providing preventative products.

They also offer post-stay mediation with our damage protection, helping to resolve accidental damages quickly, with their dedicated in house-team on hand to support you throughout their resolution process.

What is the process?

After paying your balance and by the time it is 4 weeks before you stay with us we need you to complete the process. We will send you a link, which can also be found here if you are looking for it!

You will need to provide your personal details (name, mobile, email)
You will choose between paying a deposit or a damage waiver
Once the verification process has been completed you will be notified  by email and the guarantee is activated.

If you have any trouble during this process such as a failed payment please contact the Guest Support team

Guest support - Superhog

We hope this provides many answers to your questions and if you need any further help please do contact us.

Other information about Know Your Guest / Superhog.

SUPERHOG LIMITED is a company registered in England and Wales number 11871938, whose registered office is at Unit 2 Nine Mile Water, Nether Wallop, Stockbridge, United Kingdom, SO20 8DR.

Data Protection is taken very seriously and their policy can be viewed here.

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