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Learn to eat again on a Foraging Tour of Port Erin

Due to its biodiverse landscape the Isle of Man has been given UNESCO biosphere status. This, therefore, is “foraging heaven” according to chefs that visit the Isle.

Garlic, fennel, parsley, liquorice, salt, umami, pepper, floral, bitter…. All flavours which are easily obtainable from your local supermarket for a fee. But what if you knew how to find these flavours outside, on your doorstep, in the wild? Chef Pippa Lovell ,of restaurant Versa In Port Erin, prides herself on this principle. The restaurant uses hyper-local produce from local artisan suppliers and foraged ingredients, which she sources herself, for her weekly changing menu. Redefining our concept of “locality”, Pippa recently won the European title for sustainability and social responsibility practises at the San Pellegrino Young Chef competition.


Available all year round, Pippa will take you on a walking tour exploring the edibles that are in season at that time. Of course, there are not so many available in the winter.. but there are still a few! From the foraging basics up to preservation methods and fermentation, each tour is based on the needs of the individual group when booked as a private tour (“exclusively yours”). Alternatively, book as part of a “possibly public” group for a cheaper option, which covers more general topics. Please note that this may involve a tour as a member of a larger group. In light of the current circumstances, however, only Private tours are available for now. 

 From roots to seaweeds, from flowers to berries, there is always something to find, and lots of ways to use them. 

“The best part about what I do is being able to show people just how great the Isle of Man is for a chef who really cares about the environment and self sufficiency as an island”- Pippa Lovell


Tours are priced at £30 per person for the private tours “exclusively yours”, and £15 per person for the “possibly public' ' group tour. The tours always last at least an hour. Light refreshments are provided at the halfway point- alcoholic and non alcoholic available! Please contact Pippa directly to book;

07624 205104

Subject to availability and weather.

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