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Our Survey Says…

'Only' 32% of Isle of Man residents would consider an Island Staycation, and we think that's brilliant! Here's a glass half-full spin on things from our perspective.

The results are out. There may have been no dodgy algorithm behind them, but the sense of misunderstanding was shared. Perhaps you saw recent IOM Government survey results make the UK press. If not, the gist was that, apparently, two thirds of Manx people are unlikely to partake in a Manx Staycation, even whilst embroiled amidst COVID19 perils. I believe it was literary legend Mark Twain who once said, “facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable”.  Moustachioed Mark laying down some Huckleberry Truth right there.

Now, it’s not for me to say, but can this story not be framed somewhat differently? Rather than ‘only 32% of residents believed they were likely to plan a Staycation’…that could as easily be ‘over 27,000 Isle of Man residents would positively love a Staycation on our beautiful Island’. The feedback from many of our Staycationers via Island Escapes certainly suggests the latter:

  • “We had a wonderful Staycation here, cottages are gorgeous and hot tub was a treat…every day! Everything you need is there. We will definitely be booking again”

  • “We had a wonderful stay…everything we needed and great view of the lovely harbour. We hope to return soon”

Quay Cottage

We’re not one to toot our own horns but… beep beep. There are a few factors to consider here. Firstly, is the hyperbole present in the modern media. The art of misrepresenting stories and sensationalising for a cheap headline are nothing new. But in this era of ubiquitous 24/7 news, clickbait culture reigns supreme. Secondly and in addition to the first point is the fact that there were 606 respondents on said survey. To blatantly imply this speaks for all of our local community is a blatant distortion of reality. After all, there’s a very sizeable 193 people out of this small surveyed sample who would like a Staycation. And why would they not? We’ve got our own survey results too…

  • We had a very enjoyable staycation. The apartment was nice and clean and the customer service was excellent.

  • “We will 100% be booking another staycation with Island Escapes!”

  • “A perfect base for relaxing with lovely rural views and exploring the Glens and beaches of the Island’s South-West coast”

The people hath spoken! 2020 has been a crazy year but how thankful are we for what we have on our beloved Island. And how fortunate we, and many people from Guernsey, have been able to appreciate the simple, beautiful pleasures on offer. I daresay, more than one third of you reading this may choose to have a staycation before the year is out.

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