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What's on in October?

With the chillier and darker night drawing in there's plenty of Autumnal celebrations and events happening across the island. We've put together a list of ways you can really get the most out of your stay this October.

Walk the Isle of Man

25 September – 1st October

If you love walking - anything from an arduous hike to a peaceful stroll – then you’ll definitely be on the right track with Walk The Isle of Man.

Embracing all that’s good about the great outdoors, this long established and hugely popular six-day Festival is equally suited to individuals or larger groups. It’s a fun way to meet new people and take in the full range of the Isle of Man’s spectacular scenery - all at the same time.

Experience the Island’s breathtaking landscapes – via rugged walks along the circuitous Raad Ny Foillan coastal path, gorgeous 360 degree views available from the Island’s many fells, and from the charm and tranquillity afforded by numerous countryside footpaths.

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Isle of Man Traditional Music Weekend

21-23 October

Trad Music Fest

Traditional Music Weekend with visiting musicians from the UK, Ireland and USA.

Set Dancing Class and Harmonica Workshop.
​​​​Film and talk on the Life and Music of Paddy O'Brien, legendary Irish country musician and composer.
Traditional Music Pub Sessions at various venues in Douglas, Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday.

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Go Quest Adventures – Douglas Quest

September – December

Go Quest

At Go Quest Adventures, we are turning the streets of Douglas into an Adventure Playground! Our Douglas Quest is a fun and engaging way to explore the Island's capital from a whole different perspective.

Unlock a hidden trail by finding clues, solving puzzles and completing team challenges, earing points along the way all self-guided through the Go Quest Adventures app. See the city's highlights, explore it's hidden gems and learn some fun facts along the way.


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Hop tu Naa Events

What is Hop tu Naa?

Hop tu Naa is the oldest continuously-existing tradition in the Isle of Man. Celebrated on the 31st of October, Hop tu Naa is the Manx equivalent of Halloween, with some very important differences. Unmistakably, one of the key features of hop-tu-naa is the "moot" (turnip), which is hollowed out and decorated; there is also a range of popular folk songs with regional differences, in both English and Manx; there is a traditional folk dance still practiced across the Island today; and there are some unusual customs and supertitions which link back to the ancient Celtic beliefs about this time of year...

There’s plenty of way to experience Hop tu Naa this October!


Traditional Hop tu Naa at Cregneash

29th-30th Oct 2022

Hop tu Naa

Head to Cregneash and carve your turnip lantern in time for Hop tu Naa and experience many of the traditional Manx customs. Great for the whole family!

Hop Tu Naa Festival at Cregneash - Manx National Heritage


Turn up for Turnips - The Grove

25th-26th Oct 2022

Turnips on Tour

Pick up your very own ‘Turnip Kit’ which includes a locally grown Ramsey turnip and activities at The Grove Museum in Ramsey – Lots to see and doo, plus there will also be turnip drilling available on site.

Turnips on Tour - Manx National Heritage



The Wizard Express Train

26th-27th Oct 2022

Wizard Express

Join the Wizard Express to experience a rather different Hop-Tu-Naa train ride this year. Dress in your favourite Harry Potter or spooky outfit and enjoy meeting some new friends whilst testing potions, enjoying a goblin eyeball infested lunch and a lot more gruesome treats.

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Hop Tu Naa Murder Mystery on the Steam Railway

29th Oct 2022

Murder Mystery

Drama and suspense all the way down the ghostly line on our murder mystery adventure dining experience. Between courses can you work out who’s the spooky murderer as clue by clue the secrets unfolds?

The Dining Car (

Ghost Walks!

Ghost Walks

Isle of Man Ghost Tours takes you to darker ghostly pasts in a variety of sites on the Isle of Man. Your guide will provide an entertaining and thought provoking dialogue as you visit many sites thought to be haunted.   Walk take place in Douglas, Peel and Castletown.

All walks start at 8.00pm dead, take about 2 hours and are only £5 per person. No need to book, just turn up. If you dare...

For further info please phone 07624 416824 or email


Tales from The Crypt at Peel Castle

29th Oct 2022

Explore Peel Castle in a new and spooky way!

Peel Castle - Cashtal Phurt Ny h-inshey : Manx National Heritage

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