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Discover the North of the Isle of Man - Sulby

The north of the Island offers a range of different terrains, from wooded glens, sand-strewn beaches to rugged coastline, all equally as beautiful as the last. Here we take a look at the sleepy but stunning northern village of Sulby.

Our Island may be small in stature, but her scenery is vast, varied and full of surprises. One of the best ways to experience the full breadth and beauty of the Isle of Man is through that simplest of pleasures - a good old stomp. The Isle of Man on a sunny day takes some beating. Whether that be in the form of a longer trek, through wooded glens, sand-strewn beaches and rugged coastline, or perhaps a gentle, shorter walk with less intensity; all manner of walks are possible here. With no compromise on the beauty on offer.


We’re here to guide you on a big day out through some of the towns of the Island, taking in the sights and making some suggestions for refreshments along the way. First up, it’s Sulby, where we’ll take in the quiet but powerful magnificence of Sulby Reservoir.

Driving on the famous TT course, you’ll see the famous Ginger Hall Hotel as you approach the small hamlet of Sulby. This countryside pub is a glorious mixture of traditional and modern. The building has been around since the 1800’s and maintains that ancient sense of character. They serve world class Thai cuisine in their Ginger Hall Kitchen and also offer a range of the best Manx ales in their world-class outdoor garden area. Perhaps treat yourself after your walk…


Continue along at the top of the lush Sulby Glen and you’ll hear the trickling, gentle blissful sounds of the nearby Sulby River. You’ll also soon see the Island’s largest and deepest reservoir - Sulby Reservoir.


Leave your car in the parking area and prepare to embark on a placid, undemanding but hugely enjoyable walk. You will climb along open moorland and bear witness to stunning views of Sulby Glen, the reservoir itself and farmland. It is an ideal picnic spot. Speaking of which, the Sulby Glen Hotel has a small shop for your convenience...maybe stock up on snacks before you depart?

You can spot sheep ambling in Druidale Farm as you tuck into your sarnies; lose yourself in the all-encompassing, neverending fields of emerald green that stretch onwards.

Stroll through kissing gates and make your way to Tholt-Y-Will Glen.


You’ll have ascended here subtly, scarcely without noticing and if you choose to carry on, you’ll experience the Island in microcosm. Winding rocky paths, a fresh mountain stream, lush greenery and dark, mysterious woodland. It is picturesque majesty.


After a couple of hours of basking in the wonders of Sulby, that pint could well be calling your name. Head from whence you came and enjoy some food and refreshments in the Ginger Hall or the nearby Sulby Glen Hotel.

If you feel like staying in the sleepy and stunning village of Sulby, we’ve plenty of accommodation options for you. Head here to see what’s available.

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