Discover the West of the Isle of Man - A day out in Peel

Featuring sandy beaches, coastal drives and the historic town of Peel, we explore the west of the Isle of Man, where you can enjoy unbroken sunset views across the Irish Sea.

Peel is quite possibly, and arguably, the Manxest town. It is a town oozing with history -  from its ruinous castle, built by Vikings centuries ago and still brimming with ancient mystery to its narrow, cobbled streets and its still thriving fishing industry. It is the place that feels most like a seaside retreat. Ice-cream on the beach, beers overlooking the Marina or sun-kissed strolls watching the boats come in, listening to the sounds of playing children; there are great days out - particularly in summer - to be had in Peel.

There are great walks too. Peel Hill and Corrin’s Folly are historic sites, in keeping with the town’s sense of its past. The approximate 4 mile walk to conquer both sites is achievable if taxing at times but is well worth it for the spectacular views.


Davison’s ice-creams are a Manx institution and you’ll get into the spirit of summer by joining the queue in the store along Peel Promenade. Honeycomb, Mint Chocolate Chip, Rum & Raisin, Raspberry Ripple are all staples but it’s hard to top the unctuous, creamy moreishness of the Old Fashioned Vanilla. That taste will set you up nicely for your walk.

Walk along the Prom and head towards Fenella Beach. This is a small but stunning hidden gem of the Island, overlooked by the stately Peel Castle and often busy with families. It is a beautiful way to start your journey and perhaps a good place to end it too. Sitting on the stone walls, watching the sun sink into the shimmering sea, you’ll be convinced even more of the timeworn grandeur of Peel.


As you bid Fenella adieu, you leave the car park and begin an immediate ascent onto a gravel track which will, after a bit of graft, toil and sweat, lead you to the top of Peel Hill. Ad you climb - and clutch your ice-cream in your sweat-drenched palms - you will be gifted magnificent views of the coast. You can bask. Take some time to bask. You can never do enough basking! Peel Castle looks ever more imperious and you can take in the town itself, along with a sea that sparkles and a coast that has endured centuries of history.

Keep going, walking alongside a wall and you’ll see a stone tower known as Corrin’s Folly. It has splendour and an almost eerie quality to it but it is worth the ascent, simply for those views which are truly breathtaking. This is doubtless true as you’ll be well out of puff by the time you reach here.

When you return to the town of sounds, smells and sights, fish and chips at The Cod & Castle or a kipper bap from the food van would be the perfect way to round off your day. Or maybe ice cream too? You’ve earned it.

Peel castle

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