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Island Escapes adopts what3words technology

Island Escapes has adopted new what3words location technology to help guests find their property quickly and more easily.

What3words has divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares, and given every 3m square in the world a unique what3words address. Now, people can find a location in just three words. For example ///plenty.latches.buff is the simplest way to communicate the location of Island Escapes new office.

Managing Director of Island Escapes John Keggin first heard about what3words through his volunteer work as a Coastguard on the Isle of Man.

 “The what3words app has shown to be a reliable way for casualties to seek help in emergency situations, by simply reading out the 3 words given allowing us to accurately pinpoint their location and it has already saved a number of lives”.

John continued, “Operating a holiday cottage company as my day job it occurred to me we could adopt this technology to help our guests find their holiday let quickly and easily, and, following a quick chat with Rosie at what3words we hatched a plan!”


Island Escapes operates over 40 holiday cottages around the Isle of Man.  Some, such as the stunning holiday home at Eary Cushlin pictured are often in remote or isolated locations with poor mobile signal. The company would often get calls from guests arriving late at night struggling to find their way. Already what3words is making guests lives easier and improving the customer experience, whilst educating them about the app that could also save their life.

Rosie Dickson from what3words says: “Working on the travel team here at what3words, it’s amazing to see accommodation providers like Island Escapes recognising that providing the best customer service starts before guests arrive. By encouraging visitors to use the what3words app to find its collection of cottages around the Isle of Man, Island Escapes is helping everyone to find their holiday let hassle-free – ensuring every holiday gets off to a great, stress free start!”

You can find out more about what3words on their website

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