Hire a Finnish Sauna for your island escape!

Add further relaxation to your break with the all embracing dry heat of this mobile Finnish Sauna!

Finnish people cleanse their bodies and minds and embrace a sense of inner peace. Traditionally, the sauna has been considered as a sacred space – a ‘church of nature’.

The cabin will take up to seven at a time over two bench heights, it has been themed with a rustic feel, very different to the pine clad hotel/spa style most sauna lovers know. If you have experienced traditional sauna in Scandinavia, you will relate to the old world charm recreated in this sauna.


Equipped with subtle lighting, it's all geared up for gloomy winter days and dark cold nights. There is also a cold deluge shower fitted, for the most refreshing cool down between heating sessions. The dry heat is between 80 and 100 °C and is produced by the flame from the woodfired stove, hot rocks provide the spiritually respected Löyly, a tremendous boost of heat from water gently ladled over the stones.

Experience the health benefits sauna is known for:

  • Lowering Blood pressure
  • Improving circulation
  • Soothing and relaxing tired muscles
  • Relieving tension and mental and physical fatigue
  • Effecting better and more restful sleep
  • Maintaining clear and healthy skin, and removing toxins through sweating

You should cool down after leaving the sauna. You can either take a dip in cold water, great if your property is right by the sea, or slip under the cold deluge shower if possible . Whatever the choice, it’s best to go slowly. Live the moment and feel the healing properties last for hours after.

Enquire through the company's website, or call 07624 252352. Follow Green Creek Hut Company on Facebook too and keep up to date with their weekend locations!

Green Creek Hut Company will confirm and check if their sauna fits your rental property. The sauna comes with approximately 28kgs of seasoned logs. Over 16 years only allowed in the sauna.


Compiled by sauna operator and wild swimmer, Nick Davies of Green Creek Hut Company.


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